Non Surgical Procedures  




They are aesthetic procedures which are not surgical methods by themselves but help to perform small corrections in the face. The substances used allow to increase the volume and/or change lips shape, refill wrinkles in the peribuccal areas and in the space between the eyebrows, in mouth corners, front folds, cheekbones, nasogenian grooves and also to improve the marks left by acne, scars and depressions.
In many cases, the use of these techniques is an alternative for those who fear the scalpel and prefer a less intrusive method.
I will now refer to the most common products used in our area.


It is a protein found in normal skin structure. Its deficiency may be replaced with sheep-origin collagen injections which comes in a syringe ready to be applied. It may be used for any kinds of grooves and to increase lip volume.
Before its use, a test should be done in order to prevent possible allergic reactions.
The procedure is performed ambulatorily with local anaesthesia; and daily activities may be resumed immediately.
Collagen is reabsorved by the body; therefore, the result may last for around 6-8 months.


Fat filling consists of carrying fatty tissue from one area in the body to another; it is generally used for deeper grooves than in the case of collagen.
There is no need for an allergy test as tissue from the patient's own body is injected.
Local anaesthesia is used in the donor area (abdomen, hips, etc...) as well as in the receiving area; during the postoperative period swelling may occur but will disappear 24- 72 hours later.
It is important to mention that not all fatty tissue survives. During the first six weeks, 60% is likely to be reabsorbed.


It is a synthetic polymer composed of polymethylmethacrylate and collagen which may be sued to refill any kind of wrinkles and scars and also to increase lip volume.
There is no need for an allergy test.
The procedure is ambulatory and local anaesthesia is used.
Results are permanent.


It is a substance which does not refill wrinkles but stretches them; botulinic toxines generate a transitory muscle paralysis in the areas where they are injected and thus, wrinkles disappear.
Its use is specially indicated in the forehead, in the spaces between and around the eyes and in the neck.
It is an ambulatory treatment with highly satisfactory results, lasting between six and eight months.