Remedial Surgery  

Remedial plastic surgery is performed in abnormal body structures caused by different diseases; it generally seeks to improve, restore or reconstruct forms similar to the normal ones in appearance and function.
Several pathologies are associated to this specialty area and may be treated, including:

· Acquired defects:

Wounds in aesthetic-functional areas such as face, hand, articular folds, Post-trauma, face fractures ( nose, jaw, maxilla)

· Mammary remedial surgery:

Gigantomasty, breast asymmetries, breast absence, breast post-resection, gynecomasty.

· Congenital defects:

Palatine fissure, hare lip, syndactylia, face-cranium fissures, auricular deformities, gigantic nevus, hemangioma, among others.

· Burns treatment surgery:

Treatment of acute period and its sequels

· Microsurgery and reimplant