Plastic Surgery  

As a psychobiosocial being, men live in an environment or surrounding world which is so necessary to his life as his own organism and he can only live a happy and full life if he can live in harmony with his peers.
Nowadays, men as well as women seek to polish their shapes in order to achieve an aesthetic ideal which goes beyond beauty and is influenced by the social living and geographical place where they carry out their activities.
As surgery is an election, one can think that people who want to achieve an external change may seek to directly satisfy their wish of being more attractive. However, basic emotional attitudes are far more complex, everything leads us to believe that the wish of a surgical change goes far beyond the simple desire to be more attractive - those who make a visit to the doctor seek to increase their self-esteem, enhance their body image and their personal awareness of their physical aspect.
It is important to remember that the purpose of aesthetic surgery must not be to achieve a totally different physical change but to gain a refreshing image and increase your self-esteem.
Before you decide to undergo a surgical procedure, assess your expectations and talk about them with your physician.

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