Rinoplasty (nose surgery)

Rhinoplasty is one of the most common surgical procedures performed by plastic surgeons. This procedure may bring about changes in the aspect, structure and function of the nose, in addition to reducing or increasing its size, changing the shape of its tip, narrowing the width of its ala nasi or modifying the angle between the nose and upper lip. This surgical procedure may also help to correct congenital defects, nose injuries, certain respiratory conditions or to repair traumatisms due to accidents or sporting activities
Save for rare exceptions, the complete procedure is carried out through the nostrils, and therefore no visible scars remain.
I find it important to mention that there is no universal type of rhinoplasty which can cover the needs of each patient, but a particular procedure is designed to meet the needs and expectations of each person.
The procedure lasts around one hour and it is well tolerated with local anaesthesia and intravenous sedation; then a plaster is applied to immobilise the area during a week. A few edemas and bruises may appear but they will reabsorb during the next few days.
In the post-surgical period, 48 hours of rest is indicated, in addition to analgesics and antiinflammatories.

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