Otoplasty (ears surgery)

Otoplasty is the surgical procedure used to correct ear deformities. The most common deformity is the lop ears, in addition to cup ears or malformations resulting from traumatisms, bruises, etc.
The most common condition, the lop ear, the auricular pavilions are far more separated than usual from the head. In general, the auricular shell is very far apart and there is not enough definition in the ear folds, the antihelix, the fold just in front the ear's border.
This surgical procedure is generally accomplished during childhood in order to reduce the number of years in which the child is exposed to his school-mates' jokes, but it can also be performed in adults with no difficulties.
The final scar is usually not detectable. This surgery lasts around an hour and a half and it is performed with local anaesthesia and intravenous sedation. It is generally well tolerated.
The bandaging is removed 7 days after the intervention and the use of a smaller bandage or headband is recommended for sleeping during 10 more days.
The patient can resume his/her usual activities in approximately 48 hours.

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