Hair Microtransplants


It is an aesthetic surgical procedure used to cover with the patient's own hair head areas affected by alopecia in men as well as in women.
Hair loss occurs due to the combination of a series of factors: the passing of years, hormonal changes, stress, hereditary reasons, traumatisms, burns and malnutrition.
The donor area is the occipital (nape) and lateral region of the head; hair is inserted in the form of micrografts (1-2 hairs) or minigrafts (4-5 hairs) in the bald areas.
Advantages of this technique:
The original inclination is respected.
There is no possibility of rejection
No later maintenance is required
The success of this procedure basically depends on the interview prior to the surgery, where the physician can evaluate the level of alopecia ( according to the international baldness qualification standards) and he can also get to know the expectations of the patient.
This surgical procedure is accomplished with local anaesthesia and sedation and the patient must rest for 48-72 hours.
The grafted hair will gain the proper size and volume only three months later.

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