This surgical procedure consists of removing skin excess and fat from the abdomen below the navel, in cases of striation and flaccid abdomen; in addition, it tenses abdominal wall muscles, resulting in a flat belly and a shaped waist. This surgery involves a three-level reconstruction - skin surgery, fat remodelling, in some cases aided by liposuction and thirdly, the plication of rectus muscles and muscular reconstruction.
It leaves a scar above pubic hair which may spread to the groin but it can be concealed with the innerwear. The patient must be hospitalized for 24 hours and must wear a girdle during one month after the operation. Ambulation starts immediately and normal activities may be resumed a few days later.
With all these measures, aesthetic results are highly satisfactory.
Stitches may be removed between 10 and 14 days later.
I find it important to mention that there are other dermolipectomies, including arm and inner thigh dermolipectomies; both with excellent results.

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